I am writing concert reviews again actually: On Pavlov’s Dogs , which has been a good experience to date. Check out the DIE NERVEN @ rhiz review coming soon. I‘m still not sure what happens with this blog, though my intentions are not to abandon it totally, i might still use it for something. Stay tuned.


No more reviews

For several reasons, i‘m stopping posting reviews from now on: First, i don‘t go to as many shows anymore. Secondly, being a one-man-operation, i can‘t keep up with what is happening in Vienna at the moment, as i can‘t seem to keep up with anything these days, be it releases in music, newly formed bands or anything else in both pop culture and sub culture. There are, luckily, people who can, so if you ever cared about anything that was written on this site, they do it even better, with pictures and videos and longer, quality texts. And there is a lot going on in Vienna at the moment. Some things i still like a lot, other developments obviously not so much. I shall now try to focus on making music myself, as well as i keep writing in non-journalistic realms. I feel that conscious limitation and subjectivity have no place in media. Overkill is necessary. Yours truly, M.

review: NO AGE/GRAN @ flex cafe, 24.10.13

GRAN: Very 80s, industrial-influcened Wave with the occasional song in German. Everything done by playback plus live guitar/bass and vocals.

NO AGE: I got fairly nostalgic on this concert, since their last gig in Vienna, more or less exactly three years ago, was my first ever concert in this town. And just like the last time, they really blew everyone away. Now again operating as a duo, Randy and Dean managed to maintain a good balance of new and older songs in the set. Also they covered BLACK FLAGS‘ „Six Pack“ in a better rendition than any of the two „reunion“ Flag-bands currently touring.

review: THE MAYBE MEN/STEPHEN MATHEWSON @ fluc, 17.10.13

STEPHEN MATHEWSON: He plays a certain kind of outsider guitar pop with just Guitar and Big Muff. The live rendition of „Tight Pants rule“ was truly an enjoyable piece. Of course very 90s, yet honestly executed humourous down to earth songwriter music.

THE MAYBE MEN: First off: I am a big fan of their 2012 debut tape ‚The body has no chance‘. Covers all bases of homerecording blues. Live though, they reminded me more of GRINDERMAN. Headed by Gregor Tischberger (of KREISKY), THE MAYBE MEN deliver a diverse, playful array of weirdo-blues garage pop, often interrupted by noisy guitar assaults, just to go back to business and start structure all over again. STEPHEN MATHEWSON joined them halfway through their set on saxophone, which unfortunately did not cut through the mix all too well, most of the time.