15 of the authors favourite albums

just to give a good impression and testing the blog:

no particular order, just those who pop up first in my mind

Dinosaur Jr. – You‘re living all over me
killed by 9v batteries – s/t
Tocotronic – Digital ist besser
Sonic Youth – Confusion is Sex/Kill yr. Idols
Ja, Panik – the taste and the money
Liars – Drum’s not dead
No Age – Everything in between
My bloody Valentine – Isn‘t Anything
Kitty Empire – Everyone who says be yourself means the opposite
A Place to bury strangers – s/t
Magik Markers – Boss
Sex Jams – Post Teenage Shine
Unwound – Repetition
Black Flag – Damaged
I not dance – So you think you can stop me and spit in my eyes