review: mile me deaf/juffage/mary-ann-kiefer @ ekh, 12.11

MARY-ANN KIEFER from vienna: power duo with a laptop, using mostly drums & bass guitar to create danceable instrumental tunes. think of MASERATI with a hint of DEATH FROM ABOVE 1976. pretty cool.

JUFFAGE (Chicago/now GB): this man is insane! he played the drums with one hand, a bontempi keyboard with another while singing to loops he recorded with bass & guitar a minute earlier!
quote of the day belongs to him: „Do you have any questions at this point?“ „How do you do that?“ „Ah well, just do it“

MILE ME DEAF: ah well. second time for me after seeing him with the drummer of PICTURE EYES back in 2009. now he’s backed up by SEX JAMS‘ bassist & drummer. i think it’s cool his solo work got more „shoegazey“, it was more lofi-punkish/raw back then. whatever this man does musically, it’s great. i think he could even do a reggae album and i‘d still like it (i hate most reggae).

great night in every way!