review: kb9vb / sex jams @ chelsea

greatest thing ever.

SEX JAMS: they played a great set with lots of new songs (the only ones i knew were nurse jackie, panorama ride and aeroplane waves). as far as i can tell, the new material is great. they‘ve even got a real fast hardcore piece in there. win!

KILLED BY 9V BATTERIES: the second time i actually got to see them, i failed TWICE (because 2 times i was there, they weren‘t!!, march 2009 and may 2011), and the first time i saw them was their set at the WAVES festival in september, which was way too short.

but the set they played yesterday was EPIC! mostly because they played lots of old songs, found a really nice balance between old & new songs etc. i was screaming my lungs out and made some strange movements with my limbs.

if i remember correctly, this was the set list (pretty sure i forgot something):

up when you crash
i was caught by some popular lines
make her parties unique (!)
need more new wrecks
could not find a disease to fight
track to the crux
the pains of being young, white and male
i picture myself in a beautiful home
worst of total anarchy
set something on fire
whatever people say i am, i am
ths city is lit when you‘re on top of it
imitations told us so (!)
i am the dishwasher (!!!)

up next is the Wilhelm show me the Major Label Showcase @ rhiz tomorrow: will probably be great as well