review: NIL DESPERANDUM 11: wilhelm show me the major label showcase@ rhiz

BLACK FOX DANCE: impro-noise-rock, so it seems. i have heard their „black fox dance plays cage“ ep a while back.

CRYSTAL SODA CREAM: dark, wavy post-punk! very good!

A THOUSAND FUEGOS: drone-sacral-folk?

UPPERCLASS SHOPLIFTERS: post-surf-pop w/ a bit of ramones in it

TELLY IS THE TUBE: r&b-schlager!

DUST COVERED CARPET: powerful indie-folk with very nice vocals. vergesst bitte ARCADE FIRE!

BLACK FOX TROPIKAL: really bring in the robinson-club-feeling! tropenschlagereurodancesynthesizerriffgeschwängert

KB9VB: played a stoned version of „the pains of being young, white and male“

JUST FRIENDS AND LOVERS: pretty cool indie rock with instrument exchange!

GOLDSOUNDZ: indiepop, reference to PAVEMENT in their bandname --> great. once more i come to think how awesome lead guitar sounds if it’s a jazzmaster through a big muff. INSTANT J MASCIS!

best quote: „wo ist mein guccibandana?“