review: plaided @ NIL DESPERANDUM 12, rhiz, vienna 28.01.12

PLAIDED: these are great indie rock songs with just the right balance between melodies and dissonant guitar parts that even reminded me of post-hc/noiserock like unwound (ok, it could just be because i listened to unwound a lot the last few days ;) )! even the vocals of these two riot grrls fit in really well. a very interesting band you should check out and i do hope for an album in the near future!

and: being a multi-instrumentalist (sorta) myself, i love it when bands exchange instruments!

UPDATE: now with photos: courtesy of david murobi!
next two days i got exams: respect the melange-effect
fun fact of the day: „ontzi-garbigailuaren naiz“ is basque for „i am the dishwasher“ (google translator!)

OX OX OX OX (ox?)