new APTBS album | new Mile Me Deaf album

A Place to Bury Strangers are releasing some new album this year. Listen to some songs here
Also a cool interview (WTF Lady Gaga uses Death by Audio pedals?!?!11).


Siluh/Fettkakao will be releasing the first „major“ Mile Me Deaf album in May.
„you‘re a walking maze“ already is a favourite. can‘t wait to get it on vinyl.

from the siluh newsletter 02/12:

MILE ME DEAF debut album

We are very happy to announce that Siluh in cooperation with Fettkakao will release the Mile Me Deaf debut album! Together with mastermind Wolfgang Möstl (Killed By 9V Batteries) we are aiming for a May 2012 release. We‘ve already listened to the piece and are stunned. So looking forward to holding the finished thing in our hands!

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not sure if you could classify it a ‚debut‘album. here’s why.
and in the discography on, there are still missing lots of EPs, like my favorite ‚captured in gravy‘ (live recorded jam?, three-track, internet-only?, 2008). tss.