review: human tetris/magnetic poetry/beach girls and the monster @ rhiz, vienna 13.02.12

BEACH GIRLS AND THE MONSTER: seemed like an all-star-band (i spotted members of UPPERCLASS SHOPLIFTERS & DUST COVERED CARPET) doing surf-indie. clean guitars to clap along. don‘t even know for how long this band has been around. still ok, just a bit unspectacular.

MAGNETIC POETRY: they seem to balance out the amount of melancholic and uplifting/happy songs. still i think the songs with the darker sound are the better ones (could be my preference for the darker styles of music, but those songs were just kind of more elaborate). for fans of XIU XIU (MP=more pop) or TO KILL A PETTY BOURGEOISE (less ambient, more danceable) or whatever. the singer (cute!) said it was their first tour, so i think they‘ll follow their way of doing music further in the future. personally, i‘m very excited about the outcome.

HUMAN TETRIS: flawless post-punk/wave sound, very true to the roots. pity i kind of lost the attention halfway through the set (couple nights with very few time to spleep take their toll so this could be my fault). i think these were great songs, maybe they were a bit repetitive. for another cool band in this category of 80s sounding post-punk check out THE SERPENTINES from stuttgart. the singer of HT wins a prize for the coolest guitar (dark wood jazzmaster).

after this evening i think you could dare to have an eye on the moscow scene. i‘m pretty sure we‘ll see some more great bands emerge from there. kind of glad i opted for this instead of seeing BLACK FAG @ arena.

renate says: hammer!
thank you dendritic shows & david murobi for photos