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this is the new mile me deaf video. the scene celebrating itself.
zuckerwatte et al. spread!

of course we‘re all looking forward to the new album!
although! nothing will beat captured in gravy / the mile me deaf s/t tape. true story.
and i demand more gigs in vienna! not much happening at the moment musically.
ok, may will be fine.

except for the maybe men, who are playing at rhiz today, 26.04! in between country and captain beefheart.
i‘m too poor atm to go see daniel johnston @ arena and other concerts of „bigger“ bands.
the new lee ranaldo album is…….ok, but a bit too much „classic rock“.
watch and then tell me you don‘t want to smash authority…

sincerely yours, emma

classic tune

youtube comment quote: „one of the best noise songs out their in the 00’s“
seconded! also the first batts song i listened to, BACK IN TEH DAYS. (ha)
supposedly the guitar is tuned in F#G#C#G#G#D#, as i figured out recently after years of trying to get that sound right.

review: CONDRE SCR/SEX ON THE BEACH @ aparat, vienna 2.4.12

SEX ON THE BEACH: cool avant/experimental/post/whatever-rock. one piece really reminded me of MASERATI, with guitars swirling around in delay. i like the fact that they (sometimes) have two drummers (one of them is oscillating between synth and a second drumkit). still, they do a really melodic interpretation of experimental guitar/drums music.

CONDRE SCR: cryptic name. from berlin. instrumental post-rock, very similar to MOGWAI. i already heard some of their pieces some years ago, then kind of forgot about them. they have a really mellow way of playing their instruments, nevertheless they produce a really good dreamy soundscape. they got a new album out last month, which i didn‘t hear yet, but i suppose they played some pieces off that one. have to investigate. ok.