review: CONDRE SCR/SEX ON THE BEACH @ aparat, vienna 2.4.12

SEX ON THE BEACH: cool avant/experimental/post/whatever-rock. one piece really reminded me of MASERATI, with guitars swirling around in delay. i like the fact that they (sometimes) have two drummers (one of them is oscillating between synth and a second drumkit). still, they do a really melodic interpretation of experimental guitar/drums music.

CONDRE SCR: cryptic name. from berlin. instrumental post-rock, very similar to MOGWAI. i already heard some of their pieces some years ago, then kind of forgot about them. they have a really mellow way of playing their instruments, nevertheless they produce a really good dreamy soundscape. they got a new album out last month, which i didn‘t hear yet, but i suppose they played some pieces off that one. have to investigate. ok.