review: EX>MISHA/CRYSTAL SODA CREAM @ transporter, vienna, 3.5.12

EX>MISHA: is a guy from belgrad who is doing weirdo-indiepop with a guitar & a laptop. and i think he is doing it great. use some search engine to find his bandcamp site and download his album – you won‘t regret it. it‘ always nice to go somewhere and unexpectedly discover new artists like i did here. much appreciated.

CRYSTAL SODA CREAM: were a bit weak in comparison, but i know they can do better (they usually have a real drumkit as well). if you (who would read this anyways, i‘m talking to nobody) don‘t know them: they play wave/postpunk. and they‘re from graz. and they are part of the wilhelm show me the major label-posse. and they are worth checkin‘ out.