review: ROBOTRA @ club d‘hommage, fluc, vienna, 5.5.12

ROBOTRA: this band is getting better all the time! i‘ve had this band on my (mostly internet-based) radar for a couple of years now…last time i saw them was late summer 2011. great lofi-indie from where the batts came from (weiz/styria). especially the new songs kick ass, yo. and they‘re charming in a way i (socially untalented as i am) can‘t express in words written on a random website.

criticism: their set was way too short. oh well.

best line: „you‘re just an ugly child in an awkward world“

if you‘re interested in this band, go over to grooveshark and listen to their silfestival 2012 set, where they covered another, now defunct weiz-based punk band, …YOU GAVE IT A WASTE ’s album in full length.

they got a 7′‘ out --> go buy it, consumer

- ICEAGE are fuckin‘ great

so long,
maurizi r US