review: MILE ME DEAF @ gartenbaukino, vienna, 01.06.12

at the really packed gartenbaukino (no real space for dancing, good vibes though), these three musketeers played all the tracks off ‚eat skull‘ first, which i expected. but THEN they played some older stuff like ‚der ekel‘, one of my personal favourites. they should have gone on with some more older tunes imho (ah, hold on to the past). the sound was really good as well.
regarding the venue, it was a strong contrast to their last vienna gig i attended, which was at the ekh. call me a jerk, i like the ekh better, cheaper beer.

in the end i got the new lp AND an older collection of songs (curiosi-con, damn, mile me deaf has like 10.000 songs, it’s just insane). pity i forgot to take part in the ‚tombola‘ because i could have won a prater-tour guided by the band. me = idiot.

setlist (not sure on the song order in the first part):

leaking stuff
you‘re a walking maze
the scene is deaf
faux trails
hells come naturally
troubles caught
wild at heart
kill or watch them die
der ekel
you‘ll never be the same again
call us rats
swing back to me