review: BAD WEED @ arena (open air), 17.06.12

yeah, another vienna-underground all-star-band. this time a take on surfy garage-rock with really sweet melodies (it’s cliché and it screams „CALIFORNIA“ all over, yet its well executed and really fun). their set was over pretty quick, but they‘ve got one song about CSI. i did not quite realize what it was actually about, because i‘ve been in a state of ongoing dizzyness since saturday. i hope they put out some kind of release, so we could delve into further analyzation here (imagine them on a split with BLACK FOX TROPIKAL – ultimate summer pop soundtrack).

still, vienna needs more depropunk bands, thats what i aim for with my personal new band (what, maurizio plays in a band?). the next big thing in alienating crowds hopefully! t new band’s name is not quite, its called CAROUSALS. stay tuned for our pet shop boys cover ep coming out sometime.