review: JAPANTHER @ TBA21 augarten, vienna, 29.06.12

this was cool! they first talked, answered some questions whether they like sonic youth or not (they don‘t like most of their music), if they‘re influenced by allen ginsberg et al. & all in a very relaxed atmosphere. (i should have asked them why one could consider them a „bike messenger band“, but i‘m no journalist and very shy/angsty)

then they played some newer songs of theirs, with children running around in between them and screaming/singing/humming in some extra microphones along to them. was so cool! then they played like an half-hour jamsession with „friends from vienna“ & everyone around. these anarchic things happening, blurring the lines between „concert“ and „garden party“ as well as between „band“ & „audience“ turned this into an evening i will gladly remember for some time. and i recommend seeing this band again when they play the rhiz on 10th of July!

obviously, some of the upper middle class people (who are going to art happenings just for the sake of being there) didn‘t quite get it. don‘t care, dance away
if you like 90s emo, check