review: LES TRUCS @ rhiz, 06.07.12

THESE 2 PEOPLE ARE SO TALENTED. their live performance slays 70% of all guitar bands because of the sheer energy that’s put into their sound. and their DIY microphone/lamp helmets/backpacks are too great not to mention.
(i once thought about making a microphone stand out of one of these old big desktop lamps myself, now i want one even more. off to the junkyard…..)

their sound cannot be described. apart from all 8bit/synthpunk/breakcore ascriptions, their pieces sometimes seem to have opera-esque structures (or non-structure) or buildups maybe. and they‘re storytellers somehow, even if you cannot distinguish all the words through the messy sound, they have something to say (kritscher hedonismus: all the way).

i knew some of their songs already (fettkakao #20), but the dynamics this sound develops live is a whole different story. and i really liked it and can recommend. i‘m talking about a „Gesamtkunstwerk“ here. and fuckin‘ noisy crazyness. thanks & lots of love, kristina schr√∂derk√∂hler.