review: JAPANDROIDS/BE FOREST @ chelsea, 04.09.12

BE FOREST: sounded like french upbeat cold-wave bands mixed with post-rock style guitars, not bad but not enough to leave a impression that lasts. they had some really good parts, but i can‘t remember most of their set already. ok i guess?

JAPANDROIDS: yeah i liked NO AGE a lot better when i saw them two years ago. i would put that down to the fact that the venue was so packed you could barely move/dance (i had to put my arms around my chest all the time).

of course, they‘re great live, but i just hate it when i can‘t move, so this rant has to be. they played a really long set, including most of their material, which was still enjoyable to hear and see (and nod/headbang to).

i‘m not disappointed by the band at all, i‘m disappointed of a few reckless people in the audience (which is sometimes).
those should watch some FUGAZI live videos before their next concert, imho.