people finally get it

there is a big feature about „the“ wolfgang möstl in the new issue of the DATUM magazine. so after the new MILE ME DEAF album got quite a bit of attention (even in GB and, to some extent, the US) the media finally gets it why austria is the place to look if you‘re looking for exciting new guitar-based music in europe. haha!

i always tell austrian/viennese people how awesome all those bands from austria are and only very few of them actually know what i am talking about. mostly the people who are kinds of music nerds anyways.

also: PLAIDED did an US tour and i suppose this opens up a whole new lot of possibilities for vienna’s bands. maybe the batteries can fulfill their dream of touring northern america1 sometime in the upcoming years. also the fact that K records now distributes their album in the states is pretty remarkable!

i‘m off to get that DATUM issue. hooray for print media!


  1. at least i read that somewhere? :) [zurück]