review: MILE ME DEAF/SWEARING AT MOTORISTS/SEX JAMS @ waves siluh label sc, fluc, vienna, 06.10.12

SEX JAMS: great new songs, but a pity they don‘t play the old songs that much anymore. had a good live sound again (they for some reason always have a good sound live, at least when i saw them).
here’s a guitar-nerd story:
on lukas‘ jaguar, a string broke after the second or third song, so they asked if someone in the audience could change a string. as i was standing right in front of him in the first row, i raised my arm and got to work. it was a classic player jaguar with a tunomatic bridge and vintage tuners (i hate them). after a bit of a hassle i was finished, then i put it back on stage. when he used that guitar again, guess which string broke again in the middle of the song – the new one. maybe the saddle is sharp on the bridge or what i thought immediatly: i suck at changing strings on guitars with vintage tuners (usually you have to shorten them when stringing up). i‘m unsure if i should feel proud of this (the story in itself), even if i don‘t know if it was my fault, i feel like having sabotaged one of my favourite bands.
i was offered the old sex jams album on cd then by a siluh guy for my work, but didn‘t take it: i have had it on vinyl since release, and most of the siluh catalogue anyways.

SWEARING AT MOTORISTS: crazy guitar guy. very bluesy but not in the cliched way. somebody beside me called it „show of the year“. today i learn they‘re pretty legendary and have SWELL MAPS as labelmates. nice to know. lofi-bluesrock. best quote: „hi, we‘re the BLACK KEYS“.

MILE ME DEAF: the live-mix was not so good. but i could have a look at all of w.m.’s devices/pedalboards. songs were mostly from ‚eat skull‘ except for one (new?) song + call us rats + swing back to me. alright.

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