review: I NOT DANCE/THE CANYON OBSERVER/LORRAINE @ venster99, vienna, 8.11.12

LORRAINE: outstanding! these guys are playing indieemoslowcore of some sort. and they‘re doing it very well. will definitely go and see them again if possible. felt like CAPN JAZZ + CODEINE stirred together, so neither overly positive nor depression music.

THE CANYON OBSERVER: totally non-melvins-sludge(-metal). a five-piece from slovenia using a ridiculous amount of fx pedals (who am i to say that, look at my own board; also the acceptable number of guitar pedals totally varies among musicians) to create very atmospheric, slow, doomy, high-energy guitar music.

I NOT DANCE: „mer kennts!“ finally them in vienna. i‘ve seen them three times before around their (and my) hometowns. still great ambient-post-hc-screamo. except the sound was not that good yesterday as it was the last time i‘ve seen them. they played some new stuff that sounded really speed-metal. cool! more gigs in vienna, pls.