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BØREDØM from Graz . they play at the numavi records tweety party on 30.12 (which i can‘t go to again) together with all my favourite bands. and they play really nice crust/hardcore which you should check out if you tend to dig these styles of guitar music. always so cool to discover these bands, even if they‘re not that new
AIVERY play noisy indie/punk rock, based in vienna. it’s well known that this is very much appreciated by yours truly :) . they‘ll let the guitars ring at said tweety party as well of course. damn i‘m missing something. do better than me and go there!

review: CANDELILLA @ ekh, 14.12.12

CANDELILLA: somewhere in between BLUMFELD and ERASE ERRATA with undeniable SONIC YOUTH background plus piano, and really nice associative lyrics that shift between german and english. great on record, even better live. they also recorded their new album in chicago at steve albini’s electrical audio studios with it’s operator himself. also they‘re linked to the whole upper bavarian indie scene (red can/kollaps, KITTY EMPIRE, RUMPELN etc.) . they also don‘t give their pieces titles, instead they give them sequential numbers like production codes. this confused quite a few people when they were playing and announcing tracks in between.


great band live, can recommend!
YOU have a chance: they play again at the
rhiz on 08.01.2013 !

discovery: ADVENTURES

i got this band recommended and now i‘m all over their EP. you might appreciate if you like 90s american indie/emo. except with female vocals that make this band’s sound really stand out from the crowd. their non 90s-influences could encompass TITLE FIGHT maybe? well, the latter also take their guitar sound straight from that decade, so it’s like a influence circulation (or cynically put: incestous like the whole guitar band thing in itself) . oh well: me waxing poetic about musicianship again, like an old man. just enjoy these 4 really really beautiful compositions.

lesson for today: „american indie underground still full of gems!“
so kool!

review: uh fest @ fluc, vienna, 03.12.12


there weren‘t really many people. i read the description on the fluc’s website because i was bored and quickly decided to there as i am interested in all kinds of experimental/noise things. and it was all really good! i didn‘t know there were so many noise/soundscape projects in hungary. ok, i‘ve never been there.

12Z: were the most classical ‚jazzy‘ band of the night, with outburst of noise emerging in between more ambient soundscapes based on guitar+pedals with free jazz drums.

SHIP ARRIVING TOO LATE TO SAVE A DROWNING BITCH: a skilled guitar player and a really interesting way to use voice/beatboxing for creating drum sounds (not in the cheesy way here!). also really noisy yet with more focus on rhythm/meter than 12Z, which had sounds most of the time – roaming around freely through time and space. also loop-based i think, which i like to do myself (at home unfortunately).

GÁBOR LÁZÁR: maximalistic sounds + minimalistic visuals. musically classifiable as breakcore maybe? interesting, i‘d like to learn more about the software used.

BALÁZS PÁNDI & ZLATKO BARACSKAI: very (!!!) good freejazz drums by pandi, who – as i learned today – toured with MERZBOW & ATARI TEENAGE RIOT among other well known artists, and appears as real rad dude overall (i got a new favorite drummer now). he played this short set accompanied by loops and ableton/max live sound manipulation by baracskai. the whole free noise thing is great because it really frees your musical spirits. opens up new possiblities & so on.

fall is post-hc time

i have that album spinning once again all the time at the moment. first listened to it at my favourite record store, but it didn‘t made me take it with me. years later, i found it in an outlet lp sale somewhere else and bought it. and it’s so great! its not produced by albini like their later albums, but who cares, it’s as good.

VALINA – into arsenal of codes (2001)