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ohyeah. make up your own opinion. i feared it might be too tame, but it’s really not. it’s as good as you would expect of this great band <3 . i might do a real ‚review‘ sometime, but for now, this has to be sufficient.

review: ZENTRALHEIZUNG OF DEATH/SCHNAAK @ rhiz, vienna, 21.02.13

on the occasion of the release party of the highly recommendable underground magazine Rokko’s Adventures, two great bands and some nice and insane people gathered in this ritual at the rhiz dancing to THE FALL and drumming away on buckets.

SCHNAAK: these two guys from berlin are a great noisy powerhouse live with just the right amount of insanity/inspiration. the guitar players main guitar is a stratocaster with one bass string in place of the low e string through a bass amplifier – loved it. lots of unexpected turns, ups and downs in their music – some would call it „math“, i think you should describe it as „all genres with great experimentalists/instrumentalists“. straight up noise guitar, then funky rhythms, then jazz, then breakcore. stir and repeat.

their set was nice and long, ending with some BOREDOMS-esque tribal drumming jam session with the audience.

ZENTRALHEIZUNG OF DEATH: given SCHNAAK’s incredible performance, it was hard to follow without sounding tame compared to them. ‚tame‘ not as in ‚lacking energy‘, these guys had plenty of energy. they played surfy rock‘n'roll at hardcore speeds with a lot of dedication. but i was too mindblown by the other band, so i could not really dive full into dancing and raving, because these 5 guys from leipzig sure know how to make you dance.

review: RIKA @ fluc, vienna, 19.02.13

well, this band is really one of the still not-so-well-known gems of the austrian underground. i suppose this status will be over soon (for good and also for bad ;) ) . nice 90s-style slow emo. these people supposedly listened to certain us bands a lot, i‘m motivated to have a listen at now. the venue was really packed when they played (which i usually hate for being uncomfortable, this time i just didn‘t care).

i wanted to see them for quite a lot of time and finally got around to it and yay, good choice for spending an evening. as a gear-hound, i also was quite fascinated by all the stuff on stage – some microphones looked really interesting.

PS: i dug the bass player’s humor („wir spielen jetzt ein haftbefehl cover“).

yours truly.
download a track off their new album here


listen here to the new iceage album – seems really good from what i can say after a couple tracks. it’s funny how usually pitchfork would never review such an (noisy, loud, underground hardcore-ish) album if it weren‘t iceage who did it. but yeah, i suppose most people would still avoid this type of music.

very loud, noisy and dark. just how i like it. have to get this on vinyl. you know.