review: RIKA @ fluc, vienna, 19.02.13

well, this band is really one of the still not-so-well-known gems of the austrian underground. i suppose this status will be over soon (for good and also for bad ;) ) . nice 90s-style slow emo. these people supposedly listened to certain us bands a lot, i‘m motivated to have a listen at now. the venue was really packed when they played (which i usually hate for being uncomfortable, this time i just didn‘t care).

i wanted to see them for quite a lot of time and finally got around to it and yay, good choice for spending an evening. as a gear-hound, i also was quite fascinated by all the stuff on stage – some microphones looked really interesting.

PS: i dug the bass player’s humor („wir spielen jetzt ein haftbefehl cover“).

yours truly.
download a track off their new album here