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urban shaman music

this here might be something for all the folks who are into ambient/noise stuff. „grindchor“ is a nice self-description. tune in and pass out.

DIE NERVEN are playing vienna!

flyer mai

DIY show
brought to you by the schnurs and yours truly
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review: MESSER/ROBOTRA @ venster99, 03.03.13

ROBOTRA: despite the bad sound mix, an enjoyable opening by our beloved weizer lofi-indie-band. i want an album already. with ‚break through‘ on it! love that song.

MESSER: so great. times are getting better for non-pretentious post-punk bands. just like their labelmates DIE NERVEN, these guys just sound like from the eighties (to me like a mixture of THE FALL & ABWÄRTS) without trying hard or any poser attitude (compare these new bands to 1000 ROBOTA … see?). angry yet good to dance to. totally worth it. i heard DIE NERVEN also play vienna soon.