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review: THEE OH SEES/ZHOD(DT) @ chelsea, 24.07.13

ZENTRALHEIZUNG OF DEATH (DES TODES): ripping, fuzzy and loud like the last time (february 2013, rhiz), they still got the same insane amounts of power in doing their surfpunk. very good again, though the sound was a bit too muddy. „danke fürs kommen, danke fürs gehen“.

THEE OH SEES: totally worth it. i tend to avoid big crowd concerts like this in the last time, but they did their name justice as live band. thoroughly rocked the place to pieces. also, it was like 40° in there after a few songs. john dwyer is probably one the most underrated guitarists in current indierock and i just love their skinhead bass player since the first live video i saw of them <3. anything else to say? i don‘t know, i‘m off to listening to the OH SEES‘ incredible catalogue of works & ENJOY.

PS: in berlin, they had this lineup + DIE! DIE! DIE!, of which i could say, that if the latter guys had come to vienna as well with them would have made the whole evening even more incredible. but that’s how it goes!

review: CHELSEA LIGHT MOVING/METABOLISMUS @ manufaktur, schorndorf, 02.07.13

this huge band-collective (i counted 13 people) played really nice krauty free-jazz, which remains still difficult to classify. samara lubelski of C.L.M. joined them on stage. even the last piece featuring vocals added a nice vibe to the whole thing. two of these guys form the italian freejazz duo JOOKLO DUO, namely Virginia Genta on wind instruments and David Vanzan on percussion.

i always liked thurston moore’s solo stuff, i didn‘t care that much for his last solo album, but this new band-material really is a lot better, more energetic, innovative guitar work in 2013 (which is kind of difficult to do). live they were a reliable force. i enjoyed the whole evening even if it took me 2 suburban trains rides from stuttgart to schorndorf. when i came there, i suddenly stood beside thurston moore near the merch table. i almost had a heart attack when i realised that.