review: CHELSEA LIGHT MOVING/METABOLISMUS @ manufaktur, schorndorf, 02.07.13

this huge band-collective (i counted 13 people) played really nice krauty free-jazz, which remains still difficult to classify. samara lubelski of C.L.M. joined them on stage. even the last piece featuring vocals added a nice vibe to the whole thing. two of these guys form the italian freejazz duo JOOKLO DUO, namely Virginia Genta on wind instruments and David Vanzan on percussion.

i always liked thurston moore’s solo stuff, i didn‘t care that much for his last solo album, but this new band-material really is a lot better, more energetic, innovative guitar work in 2013 (which is kind of difficult to do). live they were a reliable force. i enjoyed the whole evening even if it took me 2 suburban trains rides from stuttgart to schorndorf. when i came there, i suddenly stood beside thurston moore near the merch table. i almost had a heart attack when i realised that.