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review: DIE!DIE!DIE!/HEEF @ dasBACH, 17.09.2013

HEEF: why can‘t the vienna underground indierock scene do wrong? because they‘re so „american“. i know this sounds stupid, but the indie-garage-folk mix this fairly new band (i believe) is playing seems to be a „melange“ of different folky US bands i won‘t even begin to name. partly this is also because i can‘t really say which band would be comparable to them. they played 5 songs, all of which were really creative applications for the whole thing. it sure helps that an ex-member of my beloved KILLED BY 9V BATTERIES plays with them, though.

DIE!DIE!DIE!: from new zealand. i expected more people to show up, actually. probably because i usually believe that band like this one, who are touring the whole world relentlessly, are much more popular. but then again, it’s noisy, punkish indie rock – if you ever read this blog before, you know this is totally up my alley. show was really good, i was very impressed of their duracell-rabbit drummer. also, a really loud but enjoyable show. i waited all the time for them to play „oblivious oblivion“, but they didn‘t. lots of old songs instead – which i knew and liked.

review: TIRANA @ gartenbaukino, 13.09.13

i admittedly didn‘t get to listen to the solo stuff of veronika eberhart of PLAIDED and ILSEBILL before – it just happened to be this way. so i went to the concert scheduled right after the premiere of a new austrian movie called „TALEA“ where she did the soundtrack, at the gartenbaukino. and i really appreciated her creative guitar work. i can‘t even tell of which guitar players i‘m reminded – but i sure know i like it a lot! TIRANA’s sounds are to me more or less reminiscent of 80s wave, with loads of reverb. still, the melodies have a certain unique quality to themselves. impressive, really.

yours, gothiclady44