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upcoming gigs & 2012 wishlist

SEX JAMS will play the ekh next friday, 13.01
PLAIDED play the rhiz on 28.01

did i miss something? tell me!
see you there!

2012 wishlist:
- you gave it a waste-reunion (deshalb)
- bubonix-reunion
- nickelback-auflösung
- johannes heesters-resurrection

site news
- new categories!
- fiktopunks will be something like an ever-evolving essay (in german) about my musical taste
(don‘t expect too much of it, it’s nostalgic! NOSTALGIC!)

killed by 9v batteries + sex jams @ chelsea, 15.12 !


will be like one of the greatest concerts ever, so bring all your family + friends. concerts like this are the reason i moved here – pure win.

tickets available at jugendinfo wien.