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der taucher mit dem anorak

epic short movie with classic german punk band DACKELBLUT. i wonder if TURBOSTAAT stole the whole „Taucher“-association thing along with lyrical and musical style. just kidding. kind of.

mile me deaf tour diary



BØREDØM from Graz . they play at the numavi records tweety party on 30.12 (which i can‘t go to again) together with all my favourite bands. and they play really nice crust/hardcore which you should check out if you tend to dig these styles of guitar music. always so cool to discover these bands, even if they‘re not that new
AIVERY play noisy indie/punk rock, based in vienna. it’s well known that this is very much appreciated by yours truly :) . they‘ll let the guitars ring at said tweety party as well of course. damn i‘m missing something. do better than me and go there!

review: I NOT DANCE/THE CANYON OBSERVER/LORRAINE @ venster99, vienna, 8.11.12

LORRAINE: outstanding! these guys are playing indieemoslowcore of some sort. and they‘re doing it very well. will definitely go and see them again if possible. felt like CAPN JAZZ + CODEINE stirred together, so neither overly positive nor depression music.

THE CANYON OBSERVER: totally non-melvins-sludge(-metal). a five-piece from slovenia using a ridiculous amount of fx pedals (who am i to say that, look at my own board; also the acceptable number of guitar pedals totally varies among musicians) to create very atmospheric, slow, doomy, high-energy guitar music.

I NOT DANCE: „mer kennts!“ finally them in vienna. i‘ve seen them three times before around their (and my) hometowns. still great ambient-post-hc-screamo. except the sound was not that good yesterday as it was the last time i‘ve seen them. they played some new stuff that sounded really speed-metal. cool! more gigs in vienna, pls.


ROBOTRA, quings of indierawk

all over summer, i had this song stuck in my head, but there was no recording .. until NOW!