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never forget:

there are people in need of solidarity and help for raising their voices because they are denied basic and substantial needs to live their life the way they want want to. and it happens in europe, every day. every day people have to suffer because of capitalist/racist opression. it’s time to change something about that already. sounds pathetic but it’s true: you didn‘t choose where you were born.

go to the sigmund-freud-park and bring anything they might need, even if it’s just your support. it’s damn cold and it’s getting even colder.

mutual aid in every aspect: the only way to establish „a better world“ !
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an article regarding internet comments on the camp

review: LES TRUCS @ rhiz, 06.07.12

THESE 2 PEOPLE ARE SO TALENTED. their live performance slays 70% of all guitar bands because of the sheer energy that’s put into their sound. and their DIY microphone/lamp helmets/backpacks are too great not to mention.
(i once thought about making a microphone stand out of one of these old big desktop lamps myself, now i want one even more. off to the junkyard…..)

their sound cannot be described. apart from all 8bit/synthpunk/breakcore ascriptions, their pieces sometimes seem to have opera-esque structures (or non-structure) or buildups maybe. and they‘re storytellers somehow, even if you cannot distinguish all the words through the messy sound, they have something to say (kritscher hedonismus: all the way).

i knew some of their songs already (fettkakao #20), but the dynamics this sound develops live is a whole different story. and i really liked it and can recommend. i‘m talking about a „Gesamtkunstwerk“ here. and fuckin‘ noisy crazyness. thanks & lots of love, kristina schröderköhler.

soundtrack for today.

traubensaft statt burschenschaft!

remember: tomorrow is PLAIDED @ rhiz

review: sex jams/sikubali/shira @ RiKo soliparty, ekh, 13.01

three bands/artists, all of them start by the letter „S“. RiKo (RechtsInformationsKollektiv) is a new network doing anti-repression work. für die gute sache!

SHIRA: some cool all-female acoustic powerpop with really cool bass parts. pretty good laid-back opening.

SIKUBALI: johnny mauser-style leftist hiphop from nuremberg. i‘m not a specialist for this kind of music but i got good friends who embrace this style quite a lot (especially for the lyrics, which here were mostly political and really decent & elaborate). still i wouldn‘t listen to this at home i guess.

SEX JAMS: another set with mostly new songs. really looking forward to their next album ! love the first song they played in the set, which is also the first piece on the silfestival live recording. they also played „green weather lake“ which is one of my favorite songs of theirs to close the set (i think in english-speaking countries they‘d call this a „show stopper“, anyway).

cool night, my first time conquering nightly vienna with a bike. also had really nice accompaniment by my flatmate david! beer+great music always wins! i really like the way everything connects here (bands/venues/political collectives).


thanks to all! XXX (i suddenly kind of like this letter, X. should rename myself xaver?)