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ohyeah. make up your own opinion. i feared it might be too tame, but it’s really not. it’s as good as you would expect of this great band <3 . i might do a real ‚review‘ sometime, but for now, this has to be sufficient.


listen here to the new iceage album – seems really good from what i can say after a couple tracks. it’s funny how usually pitchfork would never review such an (noisy, loud, underground hardcore-ish) album if it weren‘t iceage who did it. but yeah, i suppose most people would still avoid this type of music.

very loud, noisy and dark. just how i like it. have to get this on vinyl. you know.

heavy rotation atm

as usual, late to the hype


BØREDØM from Graz . they play at the numavi records tweety party on 30.12 (which i can‘t go to again) together with all my favourite bands. and they play really nice crust/hardcore which you should check out if you tend to dig these styles of guitar music. always so cool to discover these bands, even if they‘re not that new
AIVERY play noisy indie/punk rock, based in vienna. it’s well known that this is very much appreciated by yours truly :) . they‘ll let the guitars ring at said tweety party as well of course. damn i‘m missing something. do better than me and go there!

discovery: ADVENTURES

i got this band recommended and now i‘m all over their EP. you might appreciate if you like 90s american indie/emo. except with female vocals that make this band’s sound really stand out from the crowd. their non 90s-influences could encompass TITLE FIGHT maybe? well, the latter also take their guitar sound straight from that decade, so it’s like a influence circulation (or cynically put: incestous like the whole guitar band thing in itself) . oh well: me waxing poetic about musicianship again, like an old man. just enjoy these 4 really really beautiful compositions.

lesson for today: „american indie underground still full of gems!“
so kool!