This project of dutch experimental luthier Yuri Landman had an approach i would describe as classic no-wave, comparable to DNA or BUSH TETRAS operating in guitar/experimental string instrument orchestra style, think GLENN BRANCA or RHYS CHATHAM. Two drummers kept a steady rhythm, a bass guitar keeping the loose ends in hand, while around 7 guitar/‘home-swinger‘ players roam about with bits and pieces of string skronk, chords and other related noises.

Usually Yuri Landman does workshops to build DIY versions of his ‚Moodswinger‘ he built for LIARS, called the ‚home-swinger‘, a 12 string third bridge zither. After the workshop, there is a performance like this. Since most of the Vienna ensemble are well-known persons in the impro/experimental guitar underground, for example Eric Arn or Wolfgang Möstl, there was good sense of collaboration as Mr.Landman conducted the pieces. Spectacular for both eyes and ears, this performance could have used some extra length.

ICEAGE (DK) @ clubschiff

First: I still consider their LP ‚You‘re Nothing‘ as the best new record of this year. I agree with those who say they are one of the few true ‚hardcore punk‘ and ‚post-punk‘ bands around these days, capturing the vibe of BLACK FLAG and JOY DIVISION while retaining pop qualities and getting a wider reception than just inside DIY punk/noise-related subcultures. In their live set, they seemed to have grown tired of their older debut-album hardcore songs, playing new songs that kind of reminded you of BIRTHDAY PARTY. It suits them well, still eighties, but sludgier and more bluesy.

As much as the HC-lover inside me dearly missed hearing a storm and stress song of theirs like ‚New Brigade‘ live, i‘m looking forward to the music these four guys are still composing and will be making in the future, keeping up their certain ‚darkness‘ in rock.

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So this is my – as usual, highly subjective & unprofessional – series of live reviews, mostly concentrated on the rather experimental & distorted side of WAVES Festival:

For saturday, there will be nothing, though. i‘m busy playing a concert on that day myself in Salzburg, where me and the other members of CAROUSALS have the pleasure to share the bill w/ SEX JAMS.

IT‘S EVERYONE ELSE (SLO) @ clubschiff

This all-electronic duo merged powerviolence & breakcore assaults with dramatic, theatrical pop moments. Their distorted synth leads had a 90s-esque quality to them, while keeping dynamics comparable to ATARI TEENAGE RIOT with screamo vocals or even THE LOCUST. Hard to classify, but still a very interesting band to see live, with lots of energy. You wouldn‘t have expected such a ‚hardcore‘ band to play on this festival, it actually surprised me.

VORTEX REX (AT) @ flex café

This band has been around for some time, with Seayou Records mastermind Ilias Dahimene on guitar and vocals. Fairly solid DIY-rock n roll, highly influenced by all sorts or garage and surf. To me it seems, there’s not much more to say about them.

JAPANTHER (US) @ flex café

The second time seeing them after a experimental performance in the Augarten in 2012 (check the archives). Their regular set, propelled by a tape with all sounds other than bass and drums in playback. Might be one of the best live-bands around, they really live up to their reputation. JAPANTHER are the essence of what all pop-punk should be about: great melodies, passion and pure energy.

Honourable mentions: AMATORSKI, CSS. I stopped following the work of the latter after they‘d release ‚Off The Hook‘. The other were way too COLDPLAY-esque for my taste.

review: DIE!DIE!DIE!/HEEF @ dasBACH, 17.09.2013

HEEF: why can‘t the vienna underground indierock scene do wrong? because they‘re so „american“. i know this sounds stupid, but the indie-garage-folk mix this fairly new band (i believe) is playing seems to be a „melange“ of different folky US bands i won‘t even begin to name. partly this is also because i can‘t really say which band would be comparable to them. they played 5 songs, all of which were really creative applications for the whole thing. it sure helps that an ex-member of my beloved KILLED BY 9V BATTERIES plays with them, though.

DIE!DIE!DIE!: from new zealand. i expected more people to show up, actually. probably because i usually believe that band like this one, who are touring the whole world relentlessly, are much more popular. but then again, it’s noisy, punkish indie rock – if you ever read this blog before, you know this is totally up my alley. show was really good, i was very impressed of their duracell-rabbit drummer. also, a really loud but enjoyable show. i waited all the time for them to play „oblivious oblivion“, but they didn‘t. lots of old songs instead – which i knew and liked.

review: TIRANA @ gartenbaukino, 13.09.13

i admittedly didn‘t get to listen to the solo stuff of veronika eberhart of PLAIDED and ILSEBILL before – it just happened to be this way. so i went to the concert scheduled right after the premiere of a new austrian movie called „TALEA“ where she did the soundtrack, at the gartenbaukino. and i really appreciated her creative guitar work. i can‘t even tell of which guitar players i‘m reminded – but i sure know i like it a lot! TIRANA’s sounds are to me more or less reminiscent of 80s wave, with loads of reverb. still, the melodies have a certain unique quality to themselves. impressive, really.

yours, gothiclady44

review: THEE OH SEES/ZHOD(DT) @ chelsea, 24.07.13

ZENTRALHEIZUNG OF DEATH (DES TODES): ripping, fuzzy and loud like the last time (february 2013, rhiz), they still got the same insane amounts of power in doing their surfpunk. very good again, though the sound was a bit too muddy. „danke fürs kommen, danke fürs gehen“.

THEE OH SEES: totally worth it. i tend to avoid big crowd concerts like this in the last time, but they did their name justice as live band. thoroughly rocked the place to pieces. also, it was like 40° in there after a few songs. john dwyer is probably one the most underrated guitarists in current indierock and i just love their skinhead bass player since the first live video i saw of them <3. anything else to say? i don‘t know, i‘m off to listening to the OH SEES‘ incredible catalogue of works & ENJOY.

PS: in berlin, they had this lineup + DIE! DIE! DIE!, of which i could say, that if the latter guys had come to vienna as well with them would have made the whole evening even more incredible. but that’s how it goes!